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Nice work!

I like the style. Simple drawing and simple animation, although it's enough to make a good impression.

The movie ends very good, you do not need violence scenes to guess what happened.

I'd like to see more of those short animations. Maybe you should use more than two frames on the front tyres when you see them from the front, while the van is driving though.

However, it's a good contribution to the Flash Portal, thank you for submitting it.

/Mathias Andersson


Nice! Finally I got to see the whole purpose, when it's all linked together through developed graphical design and such.

Just awesome. Nice peak into the new movie, I like the character (But her arms might be better if they were thicker as she appears to be very strong).

One thing though, in the fighting scene, there is a gray layer of fog which does not seem to fit the dimensions (In my opinion) perfect.

All the buttons works out fine, hmmm. It's a neat preview really and show what we have to expect.

Good luck with further coming submissions man!

/Mathias Andersson

Incredible artwork, but needs adjustments...

What was wrong with the background, at six places, the background's dimensions did not fit with the screen and at alot of other scenes, backgrounds seemed to be missing.

It makes me think that you submitted this before it was really done, I would appreciate some more work on this movie when it comes to some of the backgrounds, even though you sometimes used black backgrounds for a higher effect, or white backgrounds, it did not really have a positive effect.

There is also a scene in the beginning where the stones in the background has it's layer over Bitey's face, which results in that background objects are infront of foreground objects, aswell as in the same scene, those stones flies into the air when Bitey's face is zoomed.

The FPS speed was sometimes too high too, but not very often.

However, the rest of the graphical effects are great. really worth to mention.

But the last scene with the shaded beings, there is a blue line so the characters' bodies does not enter into the bottom of the screen. It would look better if they did.

The background in that scene is somehow sterile and would work better with the stars visible there too by the way.

The sound effects are as always awesome and there are nothing to be improved there.

Overall, this is a great story and an incredible artwork, but some of it could need to be fixed.

Thank you very much for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Locks poluting Newgrounds? =/

One of the agreements for submitting a flash submission goes:

"Personal attacks towards other Flash authors will result in deletion".

This movie is rather close to break that agreement and so is this more of a submission poluting Newgrounds than Clock and Lock movies are.

Continue to vote fairly and make reviews. But through making a low effort submission by yourself, you ain't exacctly helping.

As I see it, this submission deserves a zero for Style as it's supposed to deter Lock members to submit their movies.

Remember, that there are Locks and Lock mimics.

Through making this movie, you are restraining the Locks who are making high effort movies who actually deserves their three plus scoring.

Vote based on the movies effort and if you have something to complain about, you will be able to make threads on Newgrounds' forums.

Down-With-Locks responds:

PERSONAL... as in if I picked out 1 person to attack... notice that I used fake locks, and I used no Names.

Another incredible movie of the serie!

Awesome work! The best one yet and I really apreciate the lenght of the movie!

However, the preloader in the beginning had Zelda cutted in with leaves. It would have more of an effect if the grass and the sky had a more light colour.

The jokes was very good. I was a little disapointed when I heard you using the same song ("Puff Dady - Come With Me") in the end of this movie as you used it in the intro of "Decline of Video Gaming 2".

However, nice to hear "Guns ´n Roses" too. But as there are so many good groups with music similar to it, I'm thinking that it was a shame that you used a song from the same group in the end of the movie.

The first song by Guns´n Roses (Michelle) did almost breake off by the silence which came after it. Not a big deal though.

However, this is one of my favorite movies. And when I'm brining that stuff up about the music, I'm being very finicky as there ain't anything else to give tips to.

Thank you very much for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Good, as always!


The graphics is very good. Aswell as the sound.

When Burnt Face Man is talking to the Crime Monitor, you see the eggs beeing throwed, the eggs disapears with a 100 point score.

I like that because it's classic, a little bit like "Super Mario Bros".

I love the guy with the pink "BBQ" sweater, had a funny looking face.

Nice clip from "The Attack of the Walking Baths (With Scissors)" too. I think I might tune in on that one too. Hehe.

Nothing to complain about or anything. Just another good episode.

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

Haha, finally done?

Cool I can see that you use my water explosions. (*Smile*)

Anyway, the movie is a little too short. And you could have putted in a voice actor there with the panicing German.
You should also have used another song in the beginning. "Red Alert 2"'s melody don't fit in this as this is 1946, and the melody got electric sounds.

I think you should have worked more with this as rifles looks a bit strange and the americans at the beach does sometimes look too flat, like two dimensional.

I think you should have zoomed a particular soldier before you started the last song too. It just feels like a long pace which could have been something much better.

But it's good afterall. The buttons works fine and everything.

Nice efect with making the last scene black and white too.

Anyway, thank you very much for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Hahahahaha! Awesome work!

I love your lines in this movie. I didn't think you would continue to make those movies about "Burnt Face Man", but you did, and I'm very happy about it. (*Smile*)

Anyway, the graphic is great, no disapointments in this new episode and "Anger Man" looked really mean, and the "Golden Shower" was funny. Hehe. (*Can't Stop Smiling*)

The violence is good then. I like the openeing scene too. Acctually, this is so close to my humor so this submission will go to my favorites.

Oh, yeah, well "Man Spider" could have had his legs looking better. The face is looking really good but you can really say that you see that the legs ain't very well animated when you got a good drawed face besides it to see the difference.

Anyway, that part ain't very important though, but worth noticing.

Every single button works perfect, even though I missed a button to turn on/off subtitles. So you should add subtitles.

Thank you VERY much for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Great timing!

The timing of this release were great when the third episode of "Star Wars" will be released the 15th (Or something). The only bad timing this movie had was that I had a class when it entered the portal (The reason to why the review comes so late).

Anyway, the movie is great. It's very funny as usual and the art work is good.

The explosion in the ned doesn't look very good though, you could have done it frame by frame.

The opening title is good. I'm use to that the opening title gets smaller in the same pace, even though it's more far off in the middle. Which makes it look wierd, but you managed to get through that.

The voiceactors (Or maybe it's just one voiceactor who's recordings you've putted on eachother) singing to the opening title is annoying when you just listen to it. If you read the opening title (Which is darn funny), you won't notice the annoyment much, and it will be pretty decent. (*Smile*)

Well, overall, this is really good, but not my favorite episode.

/Mathias Andersson

Dave responds:

I could have done the whole movie frame by frame dude, but I figure folks might want something to look at more than once every two and a half years. So, I cut corners. It's a Flash film not Fantasia.

I do have a horrible singing voice, don't I? Even pitch shifted. I don't have a big-ass multitrack studio or I'd have had all five animals singing together in key (not easy when voices are being pitch changed across the octave!). If I ever put this episode on a DVD for sale it's all gotta be redone anyway for fear of Lucas crawlin' up my keester.

It could have been alot better.

It was quite unexpected that the title and everything was in Swedish. But honestly, the sound quality is very poor.
First off, you should buy a better mic because the quality of the graphic diserves it. I don't know, it's also possible that the mic is good but you got atmosphere sound in the background so you can hear when you pull the mic on and off because of it.
The girl who speaks got the wrong mood in her story telling. She sounds like someone who brags about something. Not like someone who tells a story, I would consider to change that voiceactór to a better one.
The sound quality realy bugs me. The effect sounds and background sounds is sometimes high-pitched and the volume is not the same and it is not smoth through the whole movie.

You really should make a update to this movie and make the whole movie smoth without those annoyings.

But I want to tell people who is from Norden (Or speaks Swedish) that this is a good work all together and should be considered a look through.

Anyway, thanks for submitting on Newgrounds.

/Mathias Andersson

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