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This wasn't special.

This haad nothing to do with Sweden except the swedish flag in the end and the fat ass Göran Persson. This was one of your submissions that was more bad then the others, even if I am from Sweden.

You should have a scene there Göran Persson fucks a goat, get assraped or get killed.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

TmsT responds:

I don't care. Most Swedes aren't retards, and they enjoyed this movie.


I am going to add this submission to my favorites! It was awesome, not only you leard how to tie a tie, but also, you got a good laugh! "Yeah I got monkeys holding my hands... Yeah... I am quite embaressed right now..." and "So carefully staighten the knot without strangeling yourself... Yeah, no we don't want that to happen'...". Awesome!

And the lipsync then! You must have spent hours on making the lipsync fit to the sound!

The actionscripts in the preloader were also good with the spinning boxes.

But, the dimensions are wrong; When you hold the cursor over the white box in the upper right corner during the movie, the text appears outside the window. That's a shame cos it acctualy make you wonder about how the author cold have missed it. Maybe he/she didn't spend time enough on the details? Anyway, great movie!

gambacurta responds:

Well thank you. Yes at teh end I moved the main camera around and didn't remove the button so that it would be fixed.

::Great news is that this cartoon is going to be performed live. A peice of it in Germany. So I received some great feedback.::


I know you like abusive reviews but is it funny to know that it's acctually bad? Well it is.

This was atleast submitted on Newgrounds.

/Mathias Andersson

Awesome Adam!

This is my favorite movie and got the best sound of all movies I've seen on Newgrounds this far (Except "Prowlies at the River")! I love the music, animation, graphics, interactivity, all! Just a shame that you couldn't make the interview for my movie. But, you said you got too much too do lready and I belive you. I'm just hoping that Krinkles and David Firth could be in it instead. And that you may change your mind (*Smile*), hehe.
By the way; All the fans here on Newgrounds should take a look at the third part on BiteyCastle. It's really well animated.

Anyway, great movie, as usuall, and good luck with the book! By the way mail me if you want any ideas for BiteyCastle.

/Mathias Andersson

This is quite good acctually.

The style is the best I think. I like that you made this movie there you express what you think is a good friend. Nice work. The music fitted to the subject but there were no sound effects. Make a update after this passed the judgement and put in some sound effects ould you?

Yeah and the preloader could have been better too; When you open this movie, you acctually doesn't know if the movie is loading, or if something is happening. If you got 56k for example, it's quite frustrating that you don't even know how much of the movie that has been loaded... Also, a play button would be good. If you got 56k and maybe go away from the computer and watch TV while it's loading, the movie starts and finish without you. That wouldn't be good.

Anyway, good movie.

/Mathias Andersson

Asgard responds:

yep i'll add the upgrades soon...hopefullly...if i have time lol

Good action scripting.

And thank you for letting me see this before everything else. All the rest was bad though. Just that little guy waving with his arms was acctually funny.

Thank you anyway for submitting this on Newgrounds.

/Mathias Andersson


Cool. Just awesome. The lost of one score for Graphic is that you missed the sides of the flash. Fix it. Othervise, awesome. I just sayed; "OOOOH!" when i saw it.

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

TheKurodaVagrant responds:

Oh crap, I just realized I put the wrong dimensions in for the movie. Now it's fixed. Thanks for catching that! ;)

Oh my.

Oh my god... Speech less. This sucks. Sorry for the language but it really does. And I am having a bad day, so I would be able to kill the creator of this. Don't come close. This just makes me wanna rip the heart out of the author and stomp it down into the ground and yell "Die! Die! Die!". But I am rational. I don't kill the author. It's too far to travel, and I don't think it's worth it. Anyway, nothing was good except the action scripting.

As I said. Don't get close.

/Mathias Andersson

TheStarSyndicate responds:

Actionscripting?! What actionscripting?


- Three

Sorry but I can't rate the sound.

Otherwise this was good. The blood that came out through the throught was well animated. The whole move was a, hmmm, little nice movie to watch when you are tired and just got home from school/work. Just thinking of how nice it would be to watch at summer when you can sit outside and watch TV. And just take it easy and call some friends.

Haha, fuck I'm halfway to a dream vaccation. The cold and darkness is just too much. No just kidding, oh yeah the cold is too much but not the darkness. I like the night. Hehe, sounds silly. Well anyway I'm getting VERRY offtopic! A good movie.

Thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Wustfull responds:

wow, a review from one of the big wig new groudns guys. and yes, alittle off topic. but thanks anyway.


Keep it up! Don't change anything. Do only make some adjustes with the graphic and stuff. But the lenght, audio, story. All, was great! I like this little "Plonster" tema this have and the build up with all the camera frequenses are great, even if those little fellas would be good as enemy characters in a little game. I still like it.

Thank you verry much for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

ZooL152004 responds:

thanks a bunch, we should have a website up and running soon. We do plan to make jellibeen (spelt that way on purpose) games and tons more movies with better graphics, sound and hopefully, one day, a plot (ha ha ha). thanks for the good review.

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