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Hahaha! Extremely funny!

This was the best movie you've done yet.

I love the music. The little melody which bumps on when they go into a new scene. The familiar environment (School) was a good choice. It's just that more things seems to be able to happend in a school.

I like the places when the sound just stop alltogether. Like in the scene there they say: "Well should we just ban TV all together?" ---Long silente pause--- "Yep". (I think "Yup" sounds funnier but whatever).
And I love it. (*Smile*)

The graphic are good too. That the characters' faces are sharper than their bodies. Every character are very well drawed. Even though I think you should have given the humming schoolkids arms.

And that the guy shook the hair from his eyes; All those natural movements you've captured. I's lovely!

The outro were also good, it was strict, and looks very professional with the simple lines which includes everything it needed.

Fine preloader, subtitles. I love the scene there the TV-reporter make a report about that TV has been banned. It's just so funny. (*Smile*)

"Did we ban any weapon?" "Shut up and imagine!"

Well I just think it's so darn funny.
The different character sound, the background sounds and the effect sounds. Awesome.

I think it's plain stupid.

I just think hurting yourself badly without any reason is stupid.

There were no preloader. And that is wierd because you do really need to put in one there.

I hate saying this, but this was bad. What does anyone learn by suffering like this? From braking a leg or jumping on a partner so he gets hurted?

The only reason to get hurted should be while you're doing some training so you need to suffer to get harder.

Well. I like the song, but the whole concept of the movie was bad. And, I don't even know if that guy acctually broke something.

Thank you anyway for submitting on Newgrounds.

/Mathias Andersson

Hahaha! Great!

Finally you submitted something again! (*Smile*)

I like it even though I thought the story would be different because of the title. The graphics were great. Typical your style of drawing.

The sounds were many and in good quality. But the first song was cutted too quickly without a fade or anything.

I looked at what the heck that thing on the portal could be named "One Pie to Rule Them All", when I gladly saw that it was my Irish friends movie! (*Happy*)

Anyway, it was worth it's exellent scoring!

/Mathias Andersson

I love it!

This was awesome!

I like the background sounds there you hear the city traffic and the sound from the paper and his footsteps. It's very well made!
But I think you could have putted in one sound more like a scream from Brandon when the power were cutted for the whole New York City!

The compression and the file size is great. The interactivity good too; It's too ordinary that flash artists let the replay button take you to the preloader to let you press "play" when you're there. But this replay button did acctually work as they're supposed to; You were taken to the first frame of the acctual movie! Good.

I loved the story, a celebration movie to your friends new job! Haha I wonder what he'll say! (*Smile*)
I don't care if the movie only were a half minute long; it were extremely well done the secounds it lasted.

The violence goes directly with the story, a guy which follows a basic wiring program like that! Aaah, it's just lovely! (*Smile*)

The graphics were also all fine, the scene with Brandon himself were better drawed than the guy at the scetch which it's supposed to be like.

Well, I don't got so much to complain about, maybe the sound there. I think some background sounds and a scream are missing.

However, thank you VERY much for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Neil-Swenson responds:

Wow, thanks man. Everyone here's complaining to me about how short it is (apparently no one's read the description, cause I alreday know it's short!). Anyway, it's nice to see someone who's not taking this so seriously and just enjoys the movie.


Matt you owns!
I don't know if sending you a review is neccessary though I've spoken to you like most of the time before the submission and after it. But you seen too drunk after the subbmission to even remember to log out so I'll better send you this! (*Smile*)

This was freaking awesome! (*Happy Smile*)
The movie owned. The fourth movie got the improved graphic, but this got the improved graphic but also, you let the audience view the fights from whole new perspectives! I like when you make it look like as if he were shooting right at you but he's shooting at someone behind the camera view.

The sound was very good but I didn't like the ending though he died (Again).
I hope you'll use the idea that he has got a son, which will come back and mess in his place.

The title is great! Depredation means a predatory attack, a raid or a destructive action (For those who don't know). And that fits perfect though the whole movie is just about that, he gets in, slay people around him, and gets out (Well he don't come very far after he gets out, but anyway).

I am not quite comfortable with all the texts like "OMG CLOWN" and so on which appears once in a while. I think less text in next movie would be good and more "Body counts". I thought it was alright in the fourth movie but it was way too much in thisone.

I like the scene there he shoots with the pistol and the forend goes back (I'm not sure what it's called in English. It's like the forend of a shotgun but at the top of the handgun. It could also be called cloak) and he throws the handgun so the handgun penetrate the stomatch and while it's inside the body the cloak falls back again and the handgun goes in even further. (I know it's an attack with rifles, that you hit the muzzlebrake in the forehead of the enemy but never heard of something like THROWING it into someone, and especially not a handgun, and into a stomatch. Quite unreal but awesome to watch! (*Smile*)

Anyway, I'll hope you'll continue the serie and if you won't I'll make you! (*Just Kidding*)

Nice to see that you're having the Newgrounds preloader logo too.

Anyway, keep up the godly work!

/Mathias Andersson

Krinkels responds:

Dude, good eye catching the pistol slide there, I didn't think mayn would catch that. Expect more goofy assed stuff like that in the next one, which won't be out for some time, sadly.

Thanks for the ultra-big review! Gives me something to read at work.

Not what I hoped for.

I believe I'm supposed to review this.

I will make a VERY long post about this. Even though it will be constructive, you may not be able to take the critism. Anyways... (*Glad, Evil Laugh*)

Graphics: Not very impressive. The fonts had almost the same color as the background. (Think grey, white, light-blue... Not very good huh?) It's still ok. The background is linked metal. Hmmm... Look at the pattern. Why would anyone make a pattern like that? I don't think it's cool, it looks like a kid made it and thought it was cool. But it would never be worth building such a metal door or wall. So the background picture looks, as in modern tounge; "Gay". The play button need to be fixed too. The triangel which you're supposed to press does not sit in the middle of the circle.

Style: Not impressive at all. I would like to see someone who knows what he/she talks about to do something like this. And your guidelines are incorrect. YOU are supposed as a reviewer to choose whatever you want. According to how I review movies for example:
0 = Bad, none existens.
1 = It's not the best, but atleast it's something. In Interactivity I give 1 point for each function. A pre-loader does often automaticly give you 2 points.

And I won't talk about what the rest of the points mean though it's different all the time.

You also said that you would respons to all the reviews. That is one simple step for a reviewer. A reviewer do also answer to all the reviews they get. So you would encourage authors to respond to their reviews.

Sound: The music got two beats which crossed eachother with a variety. As the author you're responsible for picking out the best you can find (That's why I pointed out the background).

Violence: Not existing. If not the violations of that every reviewer put up their own rules for how many points means what. See it as 0 = Bad and then 1 is good but for each number it rais it's better.

Interactivity: Put a invicible button behind the graphic (The text) instead of making the text into the button itself. And the replay button did't take you to the instructions. Not good.

Humor: I think it's funny that you as an almost unknowing person gets into a subject as if you could give advices. (I got to say that I usually ain't this mean, but if this is supposed to be a guide (Which I saw you say in a update, claiming for not getting the front-page) it got to be flawless.

Overall: I could put 0:s on everything and then 10 at Overall 'cos there is something I think you missed which ain't in the other guidelines. You said something about that but then in the test, you didn't give ful points for those who used that as an answer. The "wrong" answers didn't make sence in the sentance either which is bad.
Anyway, you'll get 5 for your effort and so on. Afterall you tryed, even though I would only recommend this as a basic guideline. Any big reviewer would have their own opinion about this.

Anyway, thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Potski responds:

Hmmmm. I don't know what to say.

Making you happy!

This was awesome!
You'll get extremely happy while watching this! (*Extremely Happy Smile*)

I love the animation (The pre-loader is great. Watching the NG tank which is drawn by you)! With these little happy creatures and the boat!

The sound is great, even if there is no effect sounds. The song really fits to the music and it's all happy! (*Smile*)

Oh, by the way. You also DIDN'T made the fault almost every flash artist makes (Including top artists as David Firth). When you press the re-play button, you'll get to the first frame in the movie, something which show the audience that this is a true Frame-by-Frame work!

The only thing I can complain about is the quick end. The music does not even fade (This is easily fixed in Macromedia Flash by going down to properties and then press the button at the right side under the flitch there you choose your music. It's written "Edit" at the button. Just press that one and then go to the second there the music should end and by clicking the volume string you'll get a new square soo you can put that at the place were the music are supposed to end and drag the other (The first square) to the place there you want the mmmusic to start fading. Play abit with it and you can get as many squares as you want, just keep clicking) even though you can recognize that the movie is going to end.
(I'm sorry, my help could be hard to understand but I don't got the program infront of me).

Ah, you should also put some music in the pre-loader and after the movie has ended so you can listen to some loop in the frame with the replay button.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson


This was a very good movie. I still think David Firth's movies represent pure madness of a mental sick person. This one could be asosiated to a simple rip-off but I can see a lot of diffrences. David Firth's movie is probably the closest biography of a mental sick person ("Salad Fingers" and "Spoilsbury Toast Boy" are two examples), but your movie is the closest one we'll see made entierly out of inspiration of David Firth (I guess) and horror films (Et cetera).

I like the brick which were dragged towards the ground, almost making a metallic sound. It made you feel the sharpness of steel and pain.

I really liked this movie. So it's in my favorites now. (*Smile*)

Oh, I also like the characters (Because of the originality) which could come to be one of the front figures of Newgrounds (As "Madness", "Salad Fingers", "Alien Hominid" and "Retarded Animal Babies" and all the rest) if you would make more of these movies.

Thank you VERY much for submitting on Newgrounds! I'll hope to see more from you!

/Mathias Andersson

Quite good.

To start with it's spelled as "beneath".

I would like to point some things. Some things made me lower some scores and the overall:

Graphics: 4 instead of 5 because of the ghost on the stage which were poorly drawn. If you'ld just draw that ghost (And the star beneath the stair) better (Which ain't really hard though there's only two small characters I'm requesting), it would look alot better.

Sound: You'll get 9 in sound 'cos the song is good enough and so on (Very good song), but I considered lowering it to 8 though afterall it's only a song, the teddy's voice is abit annoying and the movies in the background (Like when something jumped out from a cliff (Unfortainly I couldn't see what it was, maybe a bird or a seal) does not contain any sound effects.

Interactivity: Did not get 4 though it was hard to see that the guitar was the re-play button, and it only took you to the pre-loader, not to the first frame (A.k.a. the beginning of the movie).

Overall: 5 = 5 on a 10 scale is 2.50 on the 5 scale.

Anyway, I think this movie is good. You're teddy doesn't look so happy, but I suppose it ain't.

Thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

die-kid03 responds:

hahaha i knew i spelled that wrong!I tried to spell it out like 5 times but it looked wrong every time i typed it.. hahaha thanks a bunch man. I must say, your review was probably one of the most thorough and fair reviews i've ever recieved....thanks dude.


Just too predictable but good anyway!

I like the the graphic and so on but unfortainly it wasn't as good as those usually are. Probably just a little idea which you thought you had to do.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Rose is dead, her neighbours has no clue, the basement has started to smell, but not as much as you!

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