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Nice work!

I like the style. Simple drawing and simple animation, although it's enough to make a good impression.

The movie ends very good, you do not need violence scenes to guess what happened.

I'd like to see more of those short animations. Maybe you should use more than two frames on the front tyres when you see them from the front, while the van is driving though.

However, it's a good contribution to the Flash Portal, thank you for submitting it.

/Mathias Andersson


Nice! Finally I got to see the whole purpose, when it's all linked together through developed graphical design and such.

Just awesome. Nice peak into the new movie, I like the character (But her arms might be better if they were thicker as she appears to be very strong).

One thing though, in the fighting scene, there is a gray layer of fog which does not seem to fit the dimensions (In my opinion) perfect.

All the buttons works out fine, hmmm. It's a neat preview really and show what we have to expect.

Good luck with further coming submissions man!

/Mathias Andersson

Incredible artwork, but needs adjustments...

What was wrong with the background, at six places, the background's dimensions did not fit with the screen and at alot of other scenes, backgrounds seemed to be missing.

It makes me think that you submitted this before it was really done, I would appreciate some more work on this movie when it comes to some of the backgrounds, even though you sometimes used black backgrounds for a higher effect, or white backgrounds, it did not really have a positive effect.

There is also a scene in the beginning where the stones in the background has it's layer over Bitey's face, which results in that background objects are infront of foreground objects, aswell as in the same scene, those stones flies into the air when Bitey's face is zoomed.

The FPS speed was sometimes too high too, but not very often.

However, the rest of the graphical effects are great. really worth to mention.

But the last scene with the shaded beings, there is a blue line so the characters' bodies does not enter into the bottom of the screen. It would look better if they did.

The background in that scene is somehow sterile and would work better with the stars visible there too by the way.

The sound effects are as always awesome and there are nothing to be improved there.

Overall, this is a great story and an incredible artwork, but some of it could need to be fixed.

Thank you very much for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

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Sexy picture.

But it would have been sexier with a song like "Sexy Back" and an extra picture of me. Otherwise, great one. :)

Classic Pong game, nice.

Even though there wasn't any difference from the old game, I like this.

At first I believed that it would be impossible to win a game because Pong games usually got that malfunction. However, this game did not, which is very good.

Anyways, good luck with further projects and thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Pretty decent.

It looked good and the fact that you could set different AI:s on the computer was fun. It made it a lot more interactive and I must say that the style of this Tic Tac Toe game was high.

No large filesize, just a perfectly good game to entertain yourself with for a little while.

Oh, I gave you some points for humor for the comments on the computer's AI.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

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Quite catchy!

It is somewhat very amateurish when judging quality - you microphone for example must surely not be of greatest quality. Hehe.

Although, catchy lyrics, noteworthy beat and certainly a song that could become an Internet hit with some work on the sound quality.

Iron Maiden diserve better.

That was the worst voice I've ever heard.

But the original music is good, don't take me wring, this wasn't good.

/Mathias Andersson

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