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Just perfect!

The phycotic is perfect! Good! I love this movie!

/Mathias Andersson

You rules!

You catched the phycosist perfect! This was great and I hope the storie will live on and on!

"I wonder how David Cumberdale taste like..."

Just perfect!

Thank you for doing this for us!

/Mathias Andersson


This was really good! I love this movie! Fun and unexpected! Really good! Amazing!

You guys will be added to my favorite!

Thanks for this amazing movie!

/Mathias Andersson


Well done, is it MAYA your using? However, nice!

I liked that you were using 3D when the rock were throwed on Link. I liked this and hope you will make a flash with loads of 3D animations!

Thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

ZyneXx responds:

Thank you very much! I will includin loads of 3D in the fight, you can count on it!



Who cares about the dead guy? We got Menthos!

Hehe! I liked this! First it seemed pointless. But you made it anyway! Good!

/Mathias Andersson

The fourth is much better...

...but this is still good!

Hope you make more of them!

I love Madness Combat, good that a good artist makes fun with the top 50's! More parodies!

/Mathias Andersson

Chubaka responds:

More parodies it is, Btw, expect Bihazard sometime tonight or tommaro (august 18th or 19th)

Hehe! This was really fun!

So many great songs and jokes...

I haven't seen submissions as good as thisone for a long time! You have made people laugh!

Hehe! This was great! Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

Chubaka responds:

thank j00

Good, moving background!

This was really good!

The blood was good and the fight well made!

But what was the wall doing out there?

What ever... Good job, really liked the Madness Combat like blood, the moving background and the play menu!

/Mathias Andersson

This was verry good!

Amazing menu!

I liked this sprite movie and the menu!

Also the credits and the voices!

Do more!

/Mathias Andersson

This was good...

...but quite short.

Make the next (if you will make another flash movie) longer.

I liked the unexpected actions that the animations did, it is the first time I see a movie there the animations doesn't fight for 'hours', without hiting anyone...

Good job.

/Mathias Andersson

Rose is dead, her neighbours has no clue, the basement has started to smell, but not as much as you!

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