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I think "Burnt Face Man" is one of your better movies. I have watched every movie you have made (That has been submitted then) and your voice acting is verry good! The drawing is special in your movies and the motion tweening as well. I just love it.

Mail me some time so we could have a chat. It would be nice (I am not a crazy fan that you'll never get rid of).

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

The Graphic was good.

Nice effort and worth submitting but as the previous reviewer wrote, "Why can't people just record real voices?". I supose that that is your "thing" but maybe an other Microsoft-Sam voice would be good. A voice for each different clock character would give them more then just a special look (Should really chear the clock fans up!). Anyway. A really good work. But maybe you should work on the story when the graphic are so good...

I am just wondering... How much time do you put down for a clock/lock movie and how many clock members/lock members are there? Please answere to the review.

Thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

BellClock responds:

Like I said, those text to speech voices (like bad spelling) have become a bit of a trademark of the Clocks, I think, people in my movies have "normal" voices. And I think most of the Clocks have their "own" text to speech voice, though the number is limited, I think BellClock's voice is original tho.. I'm working on a large project without Clocks now that will need a lot more effort =). How much time? pff.. on this particular movie I worked maybe an hour or a bit more, not much at all, it depends on how good you are, I admit Clocks are easy to animate. All my current movies in the NG database were made in one day (I think one or two even in a half hour, lol) but I'm going to do an effort to make better flash.
I dont know about how many Locks there are.. I dont really care either. The Clocks.. it depends if you want to know how many people have the word "clock" in their nick or Clocks that make/made flash, err.. rough estimate, 100? I think I know as much as you do on that case buddy!
Thanks for your review!

If that was drawed by hand it was bad!

I thought you drawed that with the computer mouse.
And then the fact that it wasn't the movie, just a trailer.
Well it's 'ok' anyway but if you draw by hand I expect to see something better.
The reason to why I gave you 0 in Sound is cos I don't have any on this computer I'm now sitting at. So I don't want to rate it...

Thank you for submitting on Newgrounds.

/Mathias Andersson

evil-eternal-destiny responds:

hand drawn mouse drawn...samething... think i used my hand to drag a mouse hmmmm, so would it still be hand drawn...wish i ahd those damn pens then i can use my true talents but no im left with a mouse...hmmm now im rambling thanks for the review.

Hahaha I just can't do anything about it...

...but the voice acting is so good and the humor so senseless so I voted 5/5 on it's entry on Newgrounds and 5/5 now, for the second time. I just love this movie. I hope you make more.
The humor here is as wierd as the humor David Firth use in the "SF" movies. I love that kind of thing (You else that got a good score and now think that it's not that big award to get a high score from me has wrong, it is. I don't like so many movies and I acctually think I vote most fair on this portal. Thank you guys and I hope all authors would respond to their reviews. Thanks again.)

Thank you verry much for submitting this on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

death-kills responds:

thank you for those words, and am glad that there are some people who understand this piece.


The graphic is good, as long we talk about characters and some objects... If we take the scene at the begining maybe some people would understand what I'm thinking on. The birds are made very simple and the train looks a bit "shaky" even if the graphic if good if you would take a lok at it. But the train and birds looks good enough for the purpose even if I would make the train look fast in it's construction work. The graphic on all these objects are still good.
The main reason for the high graphic score is the characters. Man those characters are well made. They are just some simple lines, but simple lines of prefection. They are good enough for a comic serie or a little anime. If I were you I would let somebody else do the backgrounds and all that stuff (Like objects then), cos all those drawings on backgrounds pull down the movies average score. And that would not be necessary when the movie (Are good but-) could be even better!

The sound are teriffic. Almost all events has a effect sound and the background music that occures sometimes are great!

Style, hehe. I loved it but it was too short. Let a friend help you a bit with the story-line to make it even better cos I did not get very excited to see what the next part would bring. But I am sure that it will bring something good!

Violence and all was also good. To see the knife crumple was an other surprise in the movie (The first was the good music). And I liked that you saw the fisherman drive away from there instead of a scene there you saw him get to the car. In animes they often do like you did there.

I also liked the preloader. It was well made and looked nice. All the little effects in the corners and the fading little icon at the left lower corner that showed viewers wich part it was was another good "extra".
(I give 1 interactivity score point for each function and extra points if they look or work better then usuall.)

Thank you very much for submititng on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson


The graphic as great! I really love 3D! As you probably know the battery went through the floor when it raised up. But that does not effect on your graphic score cos I know it's hard.
This movie gave the clock and lock movies (Mostly the clock) more respect from me. I often see them as nonsens and just press the x in the corner of the window and say: "Aaaaah. Blam point."
But not anymore. As long you got 3D animations and other impressing stuff you'll get a good score from me.

So I say great job to you guys and keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

DazFromTaz responds:

Thanks for the great review! I have read some of your reviews before, you are always insightful.

Yes, I know about that lil glitch at the start, and other than raising him up real high and setting him down again, that was the best I was able to balance it.

Thanks again for the great review!

Hell yeah!

A man and his Ak! That is the highest score! 5/5 and 10/10! No man you're totaly right! You love your Ak and no-one have any rights to tell you that it isn't!

That was no voilance! A man and a rifle are the most natural thing on earth! No humoristic with that either!

/Mathias Andersson

So true!

Hehe. I have made an all own Roleplaying game and I can tell you how good that is when you are in all new situations and try to find or souvle the problem of which rule that would be the best! Anyway, the players are exactly as those adventures are in the begining of the movie. "Sigh, not another dragon nest underground!" or like "Oh my god! This can't be another dark tower there a wizard rule over the poor people through his subjects, some new monsters that they mae up now again!". So true! They are spoiled as hell! Hehe. I'm just joking. They're not spoiled, just heaped upon with monsters and adventures. Hehe.

Anyway the graphic wasn't the best but I wouldn't but down more time on that either. It was a comedy, not a exhibition.
The violence goes with the graphic, the humor, hehe, 10 ofcourse.
Sound was better then graphic, 7.
The Interactivity, I acctually needed it so you got 5 so the overall is really high. 9 then.

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

Very good sound!

This movie is worth a pass just for the music! Hehe I always vote high on the movies with good music. In Sweden there was a comedy with this song before and I think Just a glimpse of the main character in one of these movies would make me give you 5/5 for letting me see those funny people again!

Yeah and by the way the show's name was "Hejja Björn!".

Thank you for submitting this on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Really good!

I wouldn't call this a "rip-off", I belive it was inspired bu "Starship Troopers" and so what? Still original with great sound(The sounds of shooting was recorded at the same distance that the soldie shooting was on according to me, if you count in that the sound isn't as high in TV as in reality), the graphic is good, you have put down much work on it even if the tweening and movement ain't the best. The "inside" view from the soldiers vision and the scene there you see a bullet being fired is really good. The shadows on some soldiers running through the screen was well made. All lights and background effects as when you see bullets in the background and something going on all the time; it gives the movie the right atmosphere and it reminds me of a movie I saw earlier about the second world war.
And I really love the movie "Starship Troopers" by the way. And I first thought this was a rip-off from the well known movie "Star Wars Gangsta Rap: SE". But it wasn't.

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

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