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I don't know but I didn't get any sound on this movie. But the effects were great with the light around the soldier when he shot. And the effects on the sky when the aircraft was shot down. Very good!

/Mathias Andersson

cheaterx51 responds:

thanks,strange that u didnt got anysound...


Why ain't there a possibility to rate the "Sillyness"? I wanna but a 10 for extremely fun sillyness! Hehe.

Good job. The whole movie was funny. Good job!

/Mathias Andersson

mr-swiz responds:

its not silly, it is very thought of

Nice! This does not diserve...

the "Turd of the Week" advard. This was much better then that and original with some funny humour! Hallo you up there deciding what would be the "Turd of the Week", this is too good. Check out SS. They are ment to get "Turded". And they are acctually doing bad with purpose just to laugh over when people dislke their movies. Well anyway. Good idea for a movie.

/Mathias Andersson

Good. But not so unexpected as it could been.

And sitting watching them "drag the horn"(?!), yeah anyway, that was quite boring after a while. But this is still a good movie so I voted it up very much (I gave you a 5), and as another flash artist so happy said: "Seeing as your Voting Penis is so big I kiss your feet, muah muah! I lovith thee. Also, thank you." I think a voted 5 from me would be good for you. Hehe. (*Smiling*)

Thank you for submitting your work here on Newgrounds!

Rubber-Donkey responds:

Well, some of the things in there sounded a bit odd, but the message was loud and clear. Thank you :)

An overall of 5, average.

I didn't like the gray backround. It didn't look professional and this wasn't scary or spooky at all. Just an average movie that will pass without any notice at all. Make something that make people see the movie, that make people notice it. You can now after the passment upgrade this movie and fix it so it gets scary and a bit longer. Black and white is a good contrast that can make some people freak out. Play with the ideas and come up with a ix to this one.

Anyway. Good worked, you got something and it will probably stay out of bad judgement. Thank you.

/Mathias Andersson

Very good worked my friend!

Nice. By the way you almost stole my idea for my next flash movie. But my would still be original. :D

Very good work and no, I won't tell you what my idea was. :P

/Mathias Andersson

dookiemoole responds:

yes you will bitch. TELL ME. seriously bitch

Nice one!

We got a movie in Sweden which is almost the same thing. Still good even if I've seen this joke before.

Have a nice x-mas and a happy new year!

/Mathias Andersson

Nice, very nice!

This was very good. I lked the animation and the sound was teriffic! Nice.

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

Mister-Twitch responds:

Seeing as your Voting Penis is so big I kiss your feet, muah muah! I lovith thee. Also, thank you.

What's wrong with Swedish fish?

Quite good, but the second movie was much better. Nice though.

Thank you for submitting on Newgrounds.

/Mathias Andersson

Tjena! Det där var bra gjort!

Speciellt Iron Maiden musiken. Out of the Silent Planet och the Trooper. Bra. Snygga effekter och outron var snygg med den svarta bågen som texten försvann bakom. Du har talang!

Kontakta mig, min mail adress står i min profil! Bra jobbat!

/Mathias Andersson

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