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Sexy picture.

But it would have been sexier with a song like "Sexy Back" and an extra picture of me. Otherwise, great one. :)

Classic Pong game, nice.

Even though there wasn't any difference from the old game, I like this.

At first I believed that it would be impossible to win a game because Pong games usually got that malfunction. However, this game did not, which is very good.

Anyways, good luck with further projects and thank you for submitting on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

Pretty decent.

It looked good and the fact that you could set different AI:s on the computer was fun. It made it a lot more interactive and I must say that the style of this Tic Tac Toe game was high.

No large filesize, just a perfectly good game to entertain yourself with for a little while.

Oh, I gave you some points for humor for the comments on the computer's AI.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

It was okay. Not very interactive.

It was not very interactive and not incredible at any level.

The graphics were good and the sound effects okay, but it failed dramaticly when it came to blocking and attacking several opponents at a short time, since nothing would happen at all if you would click more than once.

Therefore it is not possible to take many enemies as they came in large numbers from time to time.

It was good that there were different levels though, but you should be able to block more beams than you were.

Anyways, thank you for submitting on Newgrounds.

/Mathias Andersson

Extremely good!

It was a great suprise to me that this would be so interactive with combos and objects in the background which you could break.

I played through the first stage, which I thought was very good and very long.

When I saw that it only was one stage out of many, I realised that there were a lot more time spent into making this than I imagined from the start.

Simply a great game, with an interactive enviroment and many different types of enemies.

The sound is good aswell, even though it becomes a tad repeating after minutes of playing (even though, this is hard to avoid).

The only things I'd like to be improved is that there should be items in the jars you break, and your feets should be a little bit tilted when you are kicking, it looks a little bit wierd otherwise.

However, a great game! And thank you for sharing it with us on Newgrounds!

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson

Toccuma responds:

Thanks I tried to make it long and interactive... so i succeded! yay me! music choice is a hard one since I have to rely on others (I'm no musician) And I do my best, The feet things a bit detail-ish, i didn't notice any weirdness, and the items in the jars thing just didn't fit for this one, maybe nexttime aye ^-^

Lets the unexperienced player both learn and win!

A very good game! Gave you a fun time and thanks to this game I learned how to play "Checkers".

Graphics: The graphics are full of style, looks professional with perfectly shaded bricks and as it was 3 dimensional.

Style: As it's educational and entertaining and with a different idea (The koalas on the bricks) plus the goodwilling creator who let everyone put it on their site if they want to.

Sound: The sounds was not sounds you recognize from each and every game you play, and they was soft and not high pitched as some may be.

Interactivity: No glitchs except that the "Replay" button is disabled (Which reason you tell in the "Author's Comments".

Overall: A very good game far above average and really worth playing!

Thank you very much for submitting on Newgrounds, keep up the good job!

/Mathias Andersson


It looks alright!

The graphics are good, alot of different characters and stuff to choose between. Good menu, a big choice of music.

I like it!

Keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson


I love this! Mario kindish and with alot effects as the clip when you kill an enemy and the scorings with different kind of stuff to collect, the funny music and so on!

Very nice done! (Which means, I got nothing to complain about!)

/Mathias Andersson

Cool game!

I think you should give us in the Competition Crew the links so we could be the NG game testers. I got to the Red Dragon (I hate that one now).

It was one place at the lava, there I jumped into the next screen hoping for something to walk on at the otherside. But I died.

And then right after that place there was a new place which I as curious jumping out at. But I died.

Anyway, I think the game is very well made and so on. It was funny meeting enemies which were random and so on.
The lizard who took a crap on you were funny. (*Smile*)

I like the scoring system, the code system, and everything (The text in the instructions is small for people with bad seeing).

The game was unfortainly quite boring (That was the mainreason to why I didn't get so far in the game, 'cos I didn't put any effort in it), but I can't tell some specific part which could been better. (*Sad*)

Anyway, keep up the good work!

/Mathias Andersson


I may suggest this as a competition for the Competition Crew! (*Smile*)

You should put in some music and sounds and make the screen larger so it would take a moment before it gets too hard.

I think you should work more on this particular game and see where it ends. I know it will get fantastic!

Thank you very much for submititng this on Newgrounds!

/Mathias Andersson

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