How does it feel like now when you're 20 years old?

2008-02-27 07:43:51 by Andersson

"How does it feel like now when you're 20 years old?" was a question I got quite a few times yesterday on my birthday... I wonder, should it feel any different?

My answer was most honest:
"It feels quite tiring since I've had to stay up till 3 AM, cleaning out my apartment to then get two hours of sleep before going to work and barely getting home before having guests over to a birthday party. Other than that, now I can buy liquer in the Swedish "System Company" stores, the only place to (legaly) buy liquer in Sweden. So yeah, it feels good".

Some guests were amused. Others felt unwelcome.


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2008-02-27 13:31:35

I'm feeling a bit unwelcomed over at a certain site.

*Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge*

What The Hell, dude??

Also, Happy Birthday! :D

Andersson responds:

Hehehehehe... =)


2008-04-13 11:08:33

What? In Sweden you can buy cigarettes and alcohol only from 20 years old on?


2008-05-05 12:08:25

I can empathise with you on that one. My twentieth wasn't so good, didn't get drunk and had a very low turn out. Twenty feels just like eighteen to me. I still get I.Ded for fags and booze. I just happen to have had two years of it instead of two weeks.